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Copy of Government Litigation

Government Litigation


Violations of ordinances, city codes and regulations, and various traffic laws involve city and state government. At Belotta Law Firm, we represent people who are required to appear before a government body or in municipal court regarding the violation of a code, ordinance, or law. Our lawyers have extensive experience in government matters and understand how to prepare and investigate our client's case.

In certain circumstances when fines or fees are involved, our office works with the court or board in reducing the amount our clients our required to pay. We protect your rights and act as your legal representative in any communications between you and the court, board, or an agency. If you need information regarding the legal options available to you in a traffic, housing, construction, and/or property improvement case, contact Belotta Law Firm today at (973) 474-2192.

Understanding and Defending Your Rights

Belotta Law Firm represent clients in regard to a broad range of municipal and government matters including:

  • Motor vehicle and traffic law violations
  • Construction code violations
  • City ordinance violations
  • Housing code violations

Hiring an Attorney Can Make a Difference

While you are not required to hire a lawyer to represent you, laws governing housing, landlord and tenant rights, and construction change from year to year. Additionally, when questions of legality are involved such as the Constitutionality of a particular action, it's important to have a knowledgeable attorney present who can defend your interests. Our extensive government experience in working with zoning and planning boards, the Department of Environmental Protection, City Hall, and the Housing Authority means we're familiar with codes, land use, regulations, statutes, and other laws that are often involved in government law matters.

Don't risk being unprepared. Contact Belotta Law Firm today at (973) 474-2192 to discuss how we can help you.